Healthy Kids Birthday Party Ideas

It comes once a year and I am always stumped at how to find some healthier alternatives to the traditional birthday cake for my kids.  I figured I would go directly to a professional to discuss my concerns and was greeted with some fantastic ideas that I am excited to share with you.

This year I spoke with the owner of a Candy Shop and Bakery. If you absolutely have to have a cake then there are several alternative ingredients that a baker can use to make the cake healthier. I was told I could take a look at gluten free cakes as they substitute the traditional enriched white flour with healthier almond flour. Also, for frosting I could look at getting a cake that uses stevia as opposed to processed sugar. These types of substitutions are fairly common in the baking community and your local bakery should be able to hook you up with a great tasting and healthy cake.

The other fabulous idea I was given was maybe to do a fruit and candy buffet. By selecting fruits and healthier candies I could give the kids a treat they would enjoy while still having a healthier approach to birthday cake. After giving it some thought I think this is the route I would prefer and decided to order some healthier cupcakes to add to my candy buffet. For the fruit I added both fresh slices of fruits and dried organic fruits such as raisins all prepared nicely and setup in glass dishes with hang tags. For the candy I choose dark chocolate miniature bars, some chocolate almond bark  and chocolate covered cashews. I then placed my order for the cupcakes from my baker and my healthier birthday party was complete. For display of the chocolate and cupcakes I rented containers and stands from the baker which was nice as it saved a lot versus buying the stands. I completed the look with a tablecloth and balloons and it came out perfect. I was not able to upload the finished pictures today but will post them shortly so you can see how great it turned out.

I was glad I asked and got some great ideas for a healthy birthday party for my children. I hope you are able to leverage some of the ideas I have shared today for your next birthday party. Remember all of the ideas can be used for grown up parties to replace the traditional birthday cake and ice cream. We need to watch our health as well.


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