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Alternatives to Handing Out Candy at Halloween

For most children, Halloween is all about the candy. It’s the one time of year when all the talk about healthy eating goes out the window, and eating sugary treats by the pound begins. Although this is an exciting prospect for children, for parents, all they can think about is tooth decay and empty calories. Thankfully, there are alternatives to giving the children in your neighborhood a bucket of candy when they come trick or treating.

What Not To Give

Before deciding on an alternative to candy this Halloween, think about items that are not good ideas to give to children. Most Halloween safety web sites, as well as almost every local news channel, warn of the dangers of homemade treats.Testimonies of poisoned Hemp Krispie Treats along with apples with needles stuck in that person are mostly overstated, but for safety’s welfare, parents are often warned not to ever let their children accept or eat this type of treats. Anything that does not come in the package is handled as suspect and dumped by these safety-conscious mothers and fathers.

Edible Alternatives

As an alternative to tooth rotting, weight building candy along with chocolate, consider offering children sugar-free gum. This will fulfill the sweet tooth yearnings all kids create as Halloween approaches devoid of the harmful side outcomes. You can furthermore consider other, more healthy snacks. Many people have offered Goldfish crackers instead for toddlers along with babies at Halloween, only to always be surprised by just how older kids take them too. Granola and cereal bars may also be popular, healthier options to sugary puddings.

Other Alternatives

Edible items would be the traditional treat with regard to Halloween, but there’s no reason that you can’t give out other items at the same time. Halloween is about making the kids happy, so something that is interesting to them will be appreciated. Try giving out stickers with entertaining Halloween-themed pictures. Smaller, inexpensive party favors undoubtedly are a fun alternative at the same time. Temporary tattoos associated with bats, black cats, and witches would also become a big hit inside neighborhood. In order to generate everyone happy, be sure to have some prizes which have been appropriate for very young children as well – the thing is to have nutritious alternatives to chocolate, and you don’t need to give a small child something which isn’t safe for the children instead.

Alternatives with regard to Parents

If you’re the parent of a child going trick-or-treating, you’re probably concerned by what they are getting home after their adventure in your community. Although you’ll be able to decide what you offer for Halloween, you can’t control what your current neighbors give your son or daughter. Refusing to enable them have their own hard-earned candy will likely be a struggle, so offer to get it off of these by helping them receive a video game as well as other toy that they’ve had their own eye on as a swap for their chocolate. Cold, hard cash will most likely get their attention at the same time.

Hopefully by using some of our tips you and your children can have a fun and healthy Halloween this year.

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