About Us

Healthy In Candy Land is focused on bringing you a variety of information regarding healthy alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth. I personally started reducing my sugar in take 2 years ago and have never felt or looked better. Always having a craving for sweets I thought this would be impossible. What I found was that I could still satisfy my cravings for sweets, I just needed to change the foods I was using.

This started by learning about healthy alternatives to the foods I usually craved such as candy and sweet baked goods. What I was able to find was there is a lot of choices out there that can easily be used to the mass marketed treats we normally gravitate towards. This has also included for me changing the ingredients I use to bake and making smarter candy snack choices. Now instead of using enriched white flour I can easily use coconut flour and substitutions for the sugar to make healthier desserts.

Now, a little about me and why I created the site. I am by no means a nutritionist, just a regular person trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to share what has been successful for me in choosing to live a healthier life with others. All items and suggestions on this site are simply my opinion and you are not required to listen to me by any means. I do always appreciate feedback on anything you find that may be incorrect. Please feel free to let me know if you notice any articles or guides that need updated based upon new findings.

As always thanks,