5 Alternatives to Candy for Kids

We all know kids love sugar but with some thought we can find some great alternatives to satisfy their sweet tooth while still maintaining a healthy life style. Here we explore some alternatives we use for our kids (and grown ups too!) as opposed to candy treats that will satisfy their sweet craving as well as boost their healthy fat and protein intake.

1. Peanut Butter – You can not go wrong with peanut butter in our house. A natural peanut butter on a whole grain based slice of toast is an excellent way to satisfy the after school sweet cravings that kids often have. If there are nut allergies, you may also try honey on toast for a natural sweetener. This can make a great solution for getting healthy fats in your kids diet.

2. Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate can offer antioxidants and other health benefits. It will also help condition kids at an early age since it is not as sweet or sugary as a milk chocolate but can still take care of that sweet craving.

3. Juice Popsicles – What kid does not love popsicles. Make some up for the summer by using your favorite fresh juices and dress them up with some pieces of fresh fruit. No kid will be able to resist.

4. Greek Yogurt – This is a great way to satisfy your kids sweet tooth while adding protein to their diet. You can top Greek yogurt with a variety of different dried fruits or add a natural granola topping.

5. Natural Trail Mix – There is a huge variety of healthy trail mixes already pre-made. If you have time, there is a wealth of different recipes on the internet that details how to make about any trail mix combination imaginable.

I hope this list gives you some great ideas for health alternatives for candies for your kids.

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