Healthy Kids Birthday Party Ideas

It comes once a year and I am always stumped at how to find some healthier alternatives to the traditional birthday cake for my kids.  I figured I would go directly to a professional to discuss my concerns and was greeted with some fantastic ideas that I am excited to share with you.


5 Alternatives to Candy for Kids

We all know kids love sugar but with some thought we can find some great alternatives to satisfy their sweet tooth while still maintaining a healthy life style. Here we explore some alternatives we use for our kids (and grown ups too!) as opposed to candy treats that will satisfy their sweet craving as well […]

mounds bar

5 Paleo Friendly Natural Candy Recipes

Are you looking for a healthy alternative for curbing those sweet cravings while still sticking to your paleo diet. We have gathered up some amazing and easy to prepare dessert recipes to help you accomplish exactly that. Read on to find some of of our favorite all natural paleo friendly recipes.

halloween pumpkin

Healthy Trick or Treat Snacks

Which do you prefer, a trick or a treat? Most people prefer the treat. The excitement of Halloween is looming and with it comes the excitement of collecting buckets of candy. Candy will be everywhere in the weeks leading up to and after Halloween. It will be in your home, in your office, in your […]